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Summer of 2012

We had a wonderful trip visiting family and friends again this year.  Thank you all for your hospitality and memories made. The kids had an especially great time.

Jess and our brother-in-law, Rob, attempting fishing the Soda Butte in Yellowstone while the kids played in the back water.  As usual, David is content with rocks and sticks. =)

Our little beauty:

A family hike along the Clark Fork:

As we left the park this year we stopped to climb a few stairs at Mammoth to look at the stinky ponds. She’s smiling here, but most of the time she was plugging her nose. =)

David wasn’t so fond of riding at the ranch, but Selah had a good time again this year.

Another family hike, this time on the ranch.

Springtime Run

The whole family got a little exercise last weekend.  Jess & I ran a 10k and the kids ran a half mile kids run.  It was a lot of fun!  Shout out to Aunt Liz for helping us with the kiddos while we ran.  They had a ton of fun with you!


We have just returned from a wonderful family adventure!  A week on Maui, where the sun was shining and the water felt amazing.  The trip was full of good, quality family time and a lot of ice cream.

The beach closest to our place had a lava rock formation that made a little swimming area perfect for kids without worry of deep water and huge waves.

You can see the lava rock here. The minnows loved to hide in its shadow and Selah relentlessly tried to catch them.

Someone gave us their boogie board as they were leaving the island. Selah loved going up and down the channel on it.

Another beach we explored.  This one required more kid supervision.  We had a wonderful time!

A stop on the side of the road to see a few whales blowing water from their spouts and flipping their tales.  The kids were cuter, and easier, to photograph.  =)

And of course, the ice cream. (I just noticed they are posing the same! Hee hee!)

Not sure we have too many people checking in these days.  For those friends and family members who have been missing the kiddo updates, here are a few new pics for you.

The snow we got a couple weeks ago was so fun…for a stay at home mom and two little kids!  We had a ball!

Nothing better than sitting down to enjoy a buffet of yummy snow!  He’s definitely mine.  =)

In an attempt to get some exercise and fresh air, we are not letting the winter wet and cold keep us in.  Here are a few pics from our walks and adventures:

I just loved the brightly colored moss along the path, while everything else was so dead looking:

This last week we had sunshine, so we went to the beach:

Montana 2011

Our yearly trip all over MT was just as wonderful this year as it has been the last couple.  Even more so for me as I no longer had to carry David all over, including up and down a million steep stair cases. The kids are at great ages where they play together very well and like a lot of the same things.  We have so many wonderful pictures. Here are just a few:

David fishing outside of Silver Gate, MT:

The grands and the great grands:

G-dad took the kids on a little ride. They LOVED it! Both of them talk about it often.

We saw many friends along the way. Kalli & David in front, Reese & Selah in the back ground.

Picking Grandma Verna’s apples:

Thanks to everyone for the visits and hospitality along the way. Bless you!

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